I do my job because I love horses, I care for their wellbeing and the sport of eventing. If the horses are here they are treated as though they are my own.

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Retraining OTTBs

I am passionate about ex-racehorses and understand how they think. Although they all have similarities, they are individual. Generally require a minimum of 4-6 weeks of retraining. It is also very important to look after their digestive systems and diet to aid their transition into non racing life. Retraining from $350/ week

Campaigning/ Competing

Having your horse competed by somebody else is a very personal decision, it is important that the rider is someone that understands and is empathetic to your horse and has their best interests at heart. Results are important but short term gains are best chased to reach long term goals rather than vice versa. $450-500/ week. Not inclusive of entry and travel fees.

Breaking in

Groundwork established before backing is attempted. It is important to me that the horse has self-esteem and confidence in their body. Breaking in isn’t just about getting on. Majority of horses will be backed in 4 weeks but some take 6-8 weeks. Depending on how schooled they are required to be before leaving also denotes time. $330/week for first 4 weeks

Rehabilitation- On Site

Post Injury or surgery rehabilitation. From stable rest to hand walking and starting lunge work and over poles and cavalettis, back to under saddle. Vet on site to check and run programs alongside your veterinarian.


Full care agistment. Horse treatment 5*. Checked for injuries, flymasks, rugs, meds, water and fences checked. Fed twice daily. If possible kept in individual paddocks with shelters.


I have had both of my OTTBs in training at Jodies and I cannot recommend her enough! The work she did with both of my geldings was incredible, from basic ground manners through to their performance under saddle. One of my geldings was particularly difficult, bucking, bolting and rearing under saddle, however Jodie still accepted him for training and began looking at possible causes for his sudden change in behaviour. After an extensive body check and ruling out other issues Jodie made the recommendation to have X-Rays done on his back which led to the diagnosis of kissing spines.Jodie has also been looking after my boys for the past 4 months whilst I have been away for work and the level of care they have received is like no other. Jodie has treated both my boys as it they were her own, as well as treated them for ulcers and helped with weight gain and maintenance. Can’t recommend Jodie enough, her work and love for horses is truly incredible! ❤️

Annelise Cussen

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