Kissing Spine Survivors

This is a safe place for those affected by Kissing Spine to come.

Having your horse diagnosed with Kissing Spine can be very upsetting and stressful. It may halt your plans on reaching goals you may have set and leave you feeling lost and left behind by your peers.

I have been in your shoes. My main event horse Jet, a 13yr old OTTB had kissing spine surgery in September 2020.

You can experience his Surgery day:

I will try and upload bits and pieces on here, but not majority of my time is spent over on instagram on my channel @kissingspinesurvivors or @jedsequine.

Very excitingly I will shortly have my Patreon channel up and running which will give you the opportunity to work with me more one-on-one and have access to exclusive videos and information as well as chat to other people in the same boat.

Please reach out to me if you want someone to talk to, ask advice or guidance on where to go from here.

Click here to send me an email!